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…because translating is an art

This is our motto. Translations can be good, bad or indifferent. In our opinion, a translation is good when the meaning is the same, but the formulation is even better than in the original. SCRiBE’s translators’ wide vocabulary, flair for style and great love of language are just as essential. We only translate to and from English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

InDesign files can be translated directly

In the case of files in a finished layout, created using InDesign, SCRiBE can directly import, translate, proofread and re-export these files in the target language as an InDesign file (same version). However, we cannot modify the layout. These translations are invoiced at the same rate as our usual translations.

All texts are not made equal

Technical or legal texts must be extremely precise, but advertising slogans or magazine articles can be more freely translated. Good translations take the type of text, its intended audience and the language level into account.

Well appreciated “extras”

When translating, structural or content errors in the original can come to the forefront. At SCRiBE, it is self-evident that we also provide you with these small corrections to the original: our clients greatly appreciate this little extra (we obviously avoid total rewrites). If more work is necessary, we can apply our editing fee.