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At SCRiBE, your documents are in good hands: we translate, write or edit precisely and professionally, even when it comes to technical or legal texts. Texts that pack a punch are a must for advertising brochures or websites, without literal translations or misunderstandings. Our translations undergo strict quality control by experienced editors and proofreaders who will put the finishing touches on your text so it becomes truly excellent: these are our strengths.


At SCRiBE, we answer quickly, efficiently and carefully when you send us a translating or editing job; we confirm receipt, make you an offer if you want one, and estimate the deadline. You have an emergency? Use our express service: we can often do the job within 24 hours (excepting weekends and public holidays).

Client satisfaction

Our texts seek to reflect your enthusiasm accurately; that’s why clients across Switzerland request our services.

Why not translate with DeepL?

Machine translations – formerly with Google Translate, now much more effective with DeepL – may be useful in some situations. But they cannot match the art of human translation! SCRiBE, is keeping up with the trend and also offers what is referred to as “post-editing” of machine translations. In other words, we check and improve these texts on the basis of the original.

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