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How to attain a good translation…

SCRiBE’s secret for success is based on a subtle mixture:

  A translation and proofreading team whom we know personally and have selected with care and who are therefore highly motivated
  A strict proofreading process (double and triple revision stages)
  Dynamic translations which we polish and edit to deliver a clear text in a perfect style

Here are the four steps followed when you send us translation jobs.


Request for a translation / quote

If you want to have a text translated, simply send it to us by email. We will assess how long it is, what it is about and how complex it is before providing you with a quote and a reasonable deadline.

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The GO-AHEAD for the translation

As soon as you give us the green light, your text becomes part of our planning process and is handed on to our translation pool. NOTE: if you do not receive a confirmation by email, something has gone wrong (maybe your email has landed in our spam folder); in this case, please give us a quick call or send another email.

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Revising the translation

Once the translation has been completed, we send it along with the original to a proofreader who knows the customer or the subject matter. He or she will check the translation for accuracy and correct or edit it, if necessary.

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Final check / delivery

The in-house project manager gives the translation a final check. Once complete, it is sent to the customer. If any inconsistencies are found at this stage, they are cleared up with the translator or proofreader.
This guarantees your text is handled in a serious and professional manner, ensuring excellent quality.