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Our services dot the i’s and cross the t’s

Since its creation, SCRiBE has been a translation and editing agency. Our mission is to edit your texts thoroughly, as to spelling (we are intractable), grammar and style. When texts have no errors, they are easier to understand and are a sign of quality, even if they will be published online.

SCRiBE also offers what is referred to as “post-editing” of machine translations (e.g. with the online translator DeepL). Here, too, we need to be able to compare with the original document – and we need to know the purpose of the text. A special, slightly lower tariff is applied for this type of editing of translations.

We keep an eagle eye on your writing…

SCRiBE editors do not miss a thing. They find and correct grammar, spelling and syntax errors in any kind of text. At SCRiBE, when we translate a text, the price also includes light editing of the original language (if the job is not too big; more in-depth editing services must be requested explicitly).

Our goal is to achieve perfection, one step at a time

Is your text easy to read? Does it flow? Are there repetitions or pleonasms? Do the style, vocabulary and subject match? There are different levels of editing and correction.
SCRiBE often corrects PDF documents right before they are printed so as to avoid misprints, just like typographers did not so long ago. We make your texts more readable and understandable.