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Team Scribe

Sandra Lo Curto

Sandra Lo Curto Istafanous

Director and founder of SCRiBE (as a sole proprietorship since 2005).

25 years of experience in communication, first as a journalist, then as a PR specialist. University studies in communication.

Languages: Native German and Italian, fluent French, intermediate English, basic Spanish and Arabic.

Specialties: Proofreading – an “occupational hazard”, editorial revisions, free and therefore more coherent translations.

Romina Schott

Romina Schott

Project management and administration at SCRiBE.

She expertly manages our offices, including the bookkeeping. She has been in the post since 2016, managing the translations and other projects.

Alexandre Michel

Alexandre Michel

SCRiBE’s French translator has a Master’s in specialised translation in FR/EN/DE/RU and a technical diploma in Multimedia and Internet Technologies.

English has always been his strongest foreign language, but early on his interest in languages led him to broaden his linguistic horizons.

During his studies in France, he studied Italian for seven years, before devoting himself fully to German and English during his five years studying Translation. He also started learning Russian, which he has continued to improve ever since.

Not only is he passionate about foreign languages, he is also a lover of the French language, expressing his dedication to mastering it through his work as a translator and his commitment to its richness.

Extensive network of translators

We have an extensive network of translators and proofreaders, who we have been working with for years.

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